With days feeling a little more like fall, and with school starting next week I’ve found myself in the kitchen quite a bit. You know trying to make some things ahead for those crazy evenings when I still want to make sure they have a healthy dinner.. Making tomato carrot soup using Amanda’s recipe and her pasta sauce.There was also some requests for Tea Cake Cookies so of course  a Mama needs to keep her little ones happy and a double batch was soon cooling on the counter.Two new kitchen toys where brought home too. One for meI’m so excited to start canning but also a little overwhelmed. I’m thinking pickles are going to be my first item to try. Keep your fingers crossed;) The other toy was for them but Dad and I get to benefit from it to:) How cool is that? Miss teenager found it while I was looking at the canning stuff and so we figure hey why not. WELL it makes the best, egg mc’muffins  ever.  Not to mention it’s something they all can use themselves.  I would love to hear whats been going on in your kitchens.