I’ve been busy with kids home for summer, biking a ton, and just living. I started this knit back in the spring with yarn I bought last fall at Rhinebeck.
It’s going to be sweater weather before we know it. The pattern is Lily and while it blocked a little longer than I originally wanted I think in the long run it will be fine.





Another great year at Rhinebeck… The morning started early on Saturday with Debbie aka fabriholic23 picking me up at 6:30am. She had my seat all decked out I was so warm and cozy for the ride down. We arrived a little after nine used my handicapped parking which really helped not having to walk so far and got right in since we had bought our tickets ahead of time. The weather was a little to warm for my liking but I guess better than rain. We where able to see all the booths we wanted and of course purchased quite a bit…After all I’m told I will be spending more time “resting” as Chemo goes on so I HAD to make sure my yarn requirements where covered;) plus some of the yarn I got is intended for some Christmas gifts. Here’s Saturdays haul…Now for who we met, we may or may not  have gotten to see some sweaters that may or may not exist from some awesome designers like Ysolda, and Thea aka babycocktails and some other greats but we where sworn to secrecy. BUT I am allowed to show you the pic we had taken with the wonderful and friendly Thea who just so happens to be the designer of the dresses Deb and I wore now I’m not so patiently waiting for the Bloody Mary Sweater that Thea is wearing to be released. I want to make it in the maroon color chaco yarn I bought above. I also have to make this dress and pantaloons that beckyinvt is wearing might be next years outfit… Here are some random pics from Sat we left the fairgrounds around 2:30 as we had seen everything we wanted to and I was in desperate need of a nap. I wish I had taken more pictures of the hand knits I kept admiring, but what can you do there’s always next year. I also didn’t get a pic with  Martha aka Goldybear who I finally got to meet in person and is so sweet to have made me an awesome hat and sent a care package with the yummiest of chocolates and a fun card game which will come in handy during the upcoming three hour infusions… After nap time we had dinner at the Olympic diner and than sat and knit at the Holidome A great ending to a great day. Sunday had us moving at a slower more tired pace but I was able to go back and pick up some of those items I didn’t get the first day.I also had to take this guys picture to prove how hot it was both days but I was chicken to ask so  sneakily snapped away

and wouldn’t you know someone said it was THE Stephen West.. Crap that’s what I get for not asking, I would so have had my picture taken with him and not to mention all my Yarn Angel ladies love his patterns.ugh.So another Rhinebeck year down and the countdown begins for next year.. Now to get started on knitting some of that new scrumptious yarn…Oh and to those non knitters out there it isn’t weird when you match your friends when attending yarn festivals, there where others who had the same shawls, sweaters, or hats on it’s just one of those fibery things to do. Yes we wouldn’t match if going out to dinner together but at Rhinebeck and the like it’s what you do:)

Only one more day till Rhinebeck and the suspense is awful:) Hopefully the weather gods will cooperate and we will have cool sunny  weather… I’ve narrowed my outfit down for Saturday to my Allegheny Dress and just made a matching hat and fingerless gloves. Sunday is between my Mint Julip or my Abigail Cardi.. Here’s some pics of my Abigail or as I like to spell it  for my princess Abbigayle

Next are pics of another slouchy beret to match my Allegheny dress Andrew was at school so hubby filled in as photographer… Malia and Jaide this is my favorite wig:) Oooh how I can’t wait to see all those knitted garments and sink my hands in some fibery goodness  I  think this weekend is going to be some  much needed therapy and I know that Deb and I are going to make the best of it:):):)Now to finish packing and check  my lists twice!!!

Monday was the third infusion of the first four drugs, so we are in the home stretch of the first “half” only one more nasty drug combo and than we move on to something else for the last four treatments…So far this week has been met with less nausea but more fatigue. I’m making sure to get extra rest in order to gear up for RHINEBECK this weekend. Yes my Oncologist gave me the go ahead so I will be there maybe just moving a lot slower;) As I sit here typing this morning I’m still extremely overwhelmed by the out pouring of support from friends, family, and our community. I have another post planned for all of the generous gifts that have been bestowed on my family and I but the most recent support was last night at my both my daughters volleyball games. I was ushered in by a Mom who’s a friend from the team we where playing and asked to sit with her on the bottom bleachers. WELL during the line up to start the game ALL of the Queensbury Varsity girls each gave me a pink carnation or rose. The last girl on the line up is one of Abbeys good friends and who’s Mom I was sitting with  so by the time they got to her and she handed me more flowers and a gift bag it was really hard to keep those tears away. She was met with a huge hug from me, so Lindsey you girls all rock and mean the world to us!!!! Than came the line up for our own school and there where going to be more tears and hugs when I saw my baby coming toward me with flowers, and her whole team had made special pink breast cancer shirts to wear for the game and matching shoe laces too. So thanks Cheryl for putting all that together and all of your support means a ton!!Sadly our teams lost but that was ok and when we got home and opened the goodie bag we where brought to more tears with the candy that was put in there just for Andrew, and beautiful bracelets made for Abbey, Alyssa, and I ,by Lindsey’ s sister Emily who is currently kicking Leukemia’s  ass and in her home stretch. AND a very generous card and monetary amount from the Queensbury Volleyball Power of Pink Tournament!!!! Words cannot say thank you enough for them to think of us and include us as part of the recipients from that amazing fundraiser!!! You girls all should be so proud!!!

With lots of down time lately I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done.. This past week went much better than round 1 so I was a little more functioning just more tired..Looking forward to this “off” week to have a higher energy and be able to pick the kids up from school. So here’s some pics of some recent finished knits..

First MY Wallaby

Yarn was bought last year at Rhinebeck from the guy in the “little barn”

Next we have not one but two infinty scarves I started and finished this week.

Yarn is Aslan Trends Fantasy Luxury Yarns Litoral Sparkle…

I used a 15 needle with 15 sts and knit till it was gone only one skein needed than used embroidery floss and seamed ends together.. I wore the autumn color one today to my dr appt and it was a huge hit.. I also love how soft it feels…

Last for today we have another pair of Turkish Bed Socks…

I can’t remember what yarn this was but I love how the colors knit up… Pictures where all taken by Andrew thanks buddy your the only one who gets it right every time:)

For some reason every time I seem to wear this know one is willing to take a pic.. So I had to work with the not so great ones that have been taken..

The pattern is Allegheny from BabyCocktails it was a pretty simple knit and I love how comfy it is. My notes are over on ravely if you want more details..I was actually able to finish it just in time to wear on Christmas and found the tights/leggings at Forever21.I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn it since but this is one you should really think of making…  I had seen two woman wearing it at Rhinebeck and had to find out what the pattern was. No Blog Deb is making one too so maybe we will both be wearing ours this year for Rhinbeck 2012. These where something else I had worked on during fall sports and just happen to match this too.Knee high socks knit from mini moochi yarn.. I’ve also made a ton of these hats for special orders and gifts..Again details are over on ravelry but the yarn used was Lambs Pride Worsted. I knit the “endless” scarf with the left over yarn from the hat.This rug was a VERY quick knit using a purl soho pattern. Perfect to warm those feet on cold nights.. Now I’m all caught up with what was knit while I was away for so long and now I better get to quilting this years Spring Fair Quilt for my sons school.

Wow what a crazy week and I’m still coming off my Rhinebeck High.. No blog Deb and I spent the weekend again at Sheep and Wool and had an even better time than last year. We sort of ahem… crashed the Holidome party, but where made to feel VERY welcome by some of the Long Island Knitters.. What a great bunch of ladies to share their table with us.. We also chatted with many of the others that where there too and finally got to meet some Ravers in person..So here are some Pics so you can enjoy/re-enjoy the weekend:)

Another Vivian wearer. I’m so sorry I forgot your name and talked with you sat night too.I guess there where a couple other Vivian sightings but sadly I missed them:(  Someone had a surprise party for this lovely lady who LOVES purple. another pic from the holidome partyI felt so bad for those who had to sit on the hard floor but with wine and yarn it was all good. Sunday Goldilocks11 was nice to share the secret to making her adorable vest.

Can’t wait to make that.. Next up we have some random people pics. of course Rhinebeck wouldn’t be complete without some animal pics.Some pics of booths..and of course lastly my haul. I was very good this year and stayed pretty much to budget. It’s all that damn food that adds up and cuts into the fiber budget;)Ok so in the bags are ten skeins each of Chaco yarn which is what I had used to knit up Vivian. The bag on the right is going to be used for making allegheny. Not sure what the navy will be used for yet. Below the navy yarn we have a pottery mug, and Ysolda’s Whimsical Little Knits 2 book. A pattern to make a cardigan/coat with brown and white yarn below it, Blush Woobuh to make the Abigail Cardi I however will spell it Abbigayle like my daughters name:)..Two skeins of socks that rock and one skein of Harry Potter Yarn.Now I’m off to get some things done so I can hopefully cast on for Allegheny tonight..

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