It’s been awhile but I’ve been busy “living”. It seems life has returned to warp speed as if none of the past 7 months have happened. I still am “recovering” from everything and have my FINAL radiation tomorrow,woohoo!!!!I’ve been lucky in a since that I have only had a little fatigue and probably if I’m being truthful have been more grumpy/bitchy than tired. My skin for the most part has held up except under my armpit is pretty ugly looking. I’ve held off on posting the mastectomy/reconstruction pictures until after tomorrow so I could include what radiation did as well. I’ve been out speed walking, or doing the treadmill when the weather is nasty and have been doing a minimum of 40min each time 5-6x a week and a minimum of 3.5miles each time. So I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment. I’m following the plastic surgeons warnings on what jogging can do and have decided that speed walking for now is the way to go and hopefully hubby is going to surprise me with the awesome Giant Breast Cancer Road Bike so I can start cycling again:) Seriously this bike is awesome looking white with pink flowers and of course a pink ribbon. We celebrated Alyssa’s Thirteenth Birthday on March 16 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There was also celebrating EasterOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and comparing who has longer hair (pic taken two weeks ago)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We are twelve yrs apart so I’m going with he looks twelve yrs younger instead of the other way around;) One of my recent walks (5.7miles) was with my favorite exercising partner spring 2013 I love our talks we have and of course she always manages to update me on the countdown till she turns 16 and can get her permit (July 5) so Breast Cancer didn’t kill me but teaching her how to drive omg I’m scared:) She had her first Softball game yesterday and played fantastic and they Won!!! I think I’m still thawing out from it, it was freezing. Tonight Lax starts for Andrew so things are really in full swing now. Alyssa decided to take a break from a sport this spring and just work out with friends and chill, as a parent I’m glad that I only have two sports teams to navigate but am also sad that she opted not to play softball again this year…Treadmill time since the weather is not wanting to cooperate today so be back soon:)