So I’m starting to feel more human each day. Thankfully after 6 nights of not much sleep my Dad came up with  the best idea of trying to sleep in one of their lounge chairs that we use by the pool in the summer. Bingo we put a mattress cushion on it and some comfy blankets and I actually slept. That was Sunday night so thank you Dad for coming up with that solution, truth be told I think my parents,hubby and kids had about it had it too and probably where starting to get a little scared of Mama since you can imagine after many nights of no sleep, sever constipation that had me throwing up in the kitchen sink, and yes much discomfort and pain, crankyness was an understatement:) Now all those problems have been resolved and I’m as content as one can be right now. Trying to follow Dr’s orders of not doing anything,  much time is spent on the couch tv watching, some knitting, enjoying the woodstove while others keep it going for me, and sleeping since like with chemo major surgery makes you tired. Lyssey has a swim meet this Wednesday which I would like to go to but Hubby said no since I don’t go to the Plastics Dr until Thursday when I hope they take at least two of these damn drains out, plus I’m not cleared to drive till after seeing the Surgeon next Tuesday. So I will have to have someone do a cell phone video so I can see her swim. If drains come out I may be able to go see her All County Chorus concert on Saturday otherwise I will just get to listen to it while those who do go can call me while she’s singing. I hate missing these things but keep reminding myself it’s only a couple events and I will be here for all the rest.So as if things haven’t been crazy enough and I feel heartbroken that my kids have had to see me in the hospital, and than in pain at home, yesterday blood work confirmed that our oldest Abbey has Mono. My parents took her to the Dr last Thursday where they diagnosed her with Plurisy, and by Friday night she was feeling worse so it was back to the Dr’s and than off to the Hospital for blood work and chest x-ray’s.  It’s so hard to not be able to take care of myself but now my child is sick and I can’t do much to help her either, and she has midterms all week so today she went in to try to at least get through one of them. We will play the rest of the week by hand and pray she can get through them all and if next week she has to miss school than so be it.I’m so thankful that between my parents, hubby, family, and close friends we are well taken care of but seriously are you kidding me? Haven’t we been through enough?! Hubby returns to work today full-time so now my parents will get the brunt of having to take care of both Abbey and I, not to mention play taxi service for getting the kids home from school, and to and from sports. So THANK YOU Mom and Dad we never could have made it this far without all of your love and support!!!:)