I’m home and coping with the pain. Sleeping is interesting but I think hubby and I figured out how the pillows have to go so maybe tonight I will be more comfortable. Pain is manageable with the help of pain pills every 4hrs. Right now the worst part is the burning that comes out of nowhere and goes from my arm pit down the back side of the arm and sometimes across the right breast. I’m assuming I can thank the lymph node removal for that and the drains on the left side seem to burn or throb at times and lets be totally honest your packed with all sorts of gauze and than put in a sports bra so tight that it seems like I will have the indent from said bra on my skin for months. Yes I know all this is part of the process and considering everything I’m hanging in there and it’s not unbearable just exhausting and annoying. I’m nervous about having all the bandages removed and the drains out which will hopefully happen on Thursday the 24th but by than I should be healed more and maybe just maybe not so uncomfortable.. I’ve been able to knit while the pain meds are working and of course there’s lots of tv watching and napping.Vanity is so not the issue at this point so here’s some pics from pre-surgery,post-surgery, and now..I was very calm before surgery and joking with hubby and my parents before they took me off to lala land.pre op photopost op 2The marks where quite interesting. So where these leg cuffs you wear to help avoid blood clots.post op 3This next picture is by far the worst pic and is amazing how much my face changed from before surgery to in this pic which is about and 1hr after being put in my room.post op 1Freaky when I saw it.. Another thing I wish they had warned me about was that while in recovery you wake up with an oxygen mask on and apparently they had put some sort of ointment over my eyes. Once in my room the nurses helped was the ointment away but my eyes where still blurry for awhile, and of course my throat was very sore from the breathing tube. It was a little more bearable with the oxygen mask off but still annoying to have any type of oxygen given for a few hours post op.
Our house looks and smells like a florist now and while all the flowers are beautiful this one is just amazingpost opIt’s Stella in flowers. Both animals seem to be very protective of me right now and this is where hubby found them the other day while I was fighting off nauseaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and lastly for now the lovely drains there are two on each side OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA time for some nap time so be back soon:)