It’s early as I sit here and type but lets face it trying to sleep in a hospital is almost impossible. Especially when a male nurse really needs to learn not only his inside voice but his nighttime voice as well. I swear every time I dozed off to sleep he was either yacking at someone or the poor woman down the hall moaning and I think vomiting pretty much kept me awake all night. Thank god for a private room that does help a little. I will be glad to go home later today where it’s nice and quiet at night.So yes you may have guessed it by the title I had my Double Masectomy yesterday.I ended up having to go with tissues expanders to start with but I got a bonus on how the incision was done. The surgeon originally thought he would have to cut all they way across the breast but turns out once in the OR he was able to cut where they go just around the nipple and down a little. So that should be easier to heal and less painful than being cut all the way across. Surprisingly I don’t have to much pain thank you to pain meds. So just wanted to do a quick check in here to let everyone know all went well and I’m now cancer free. My eyes are still very blurry from the stuff they put in them during surgery, and my throat is still sore from the breathing tube. We did get some pics but I will upload those another time when I can actually see better. Maybe now I can catch a quick nap before the Dr’s come in to do there rounds.:)