I’ve been away longer than I planned so here’s a quick catch up. There’s been some milestones such as on October 26 I turned 37. Not the best Birthday  since I wasn’t feel that great but Hubby and I where still able to go to dinner . My outlook on Birthdays has changed since I will no longer worry about turning another year older, I will welcome it with open arms and thankfulness that another year brings (because I plan on many many more) I had my last A/C combo a few days before Halloween so it really knocked me out for a good week. Maybe because it was the last one or my body just had enough but that cycle took me awhile to bounce back..But during all that my family, some close friends, and my daughters volleyball team all got to walk in our area Breast Cancer walk. It was an emotional day that left me feeling just about every emotion possible. I insisted on walking the first mile but after that was pushed in a wheel chair for the remaining 2miles.. Here’s some pics from that day…Shirts where designed by miss Abbigayle and printed by our awesome friends and best neighbor ever:)Our youngest members of our team who are six months apart and live three houses from each other but where not so sure of one another but they both are just to adorable…So I’m officially half way done with all my chemo treatments. I started my first round of taxol this past Monday and am feeling pretty good. I’ve been able to walk on the treadmill, get out driving and do normal things and not feeling like I want to throw up so a big improvement from the first 4 rounds of drug combo. Normally I would still be feeling awful for a few more days so here’s to hoping things stay like this. My last chemo treatment is scheduled for Christmas eve which is kind of an awesome extra Christmas gift to give everyone that we will be done with this part of treatment:) I had another pet scan last week and the tumors and lymph nodes where barely visible and lighting up so great news on that and there is even a good chance that when they go in for surgery they won’t be able to find anything but either way the drugs are doing their thing and I’m so thankful for that. There’s been lots of knitting being done so hopefully some pictures on some of my finished objects soon, between the weather and it getting darker earlier,  I can’t seem to get the timing right for some photo ops. Hope everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving I know I am and even though things are crazy I’m still very thankful this year and cannot wait to have a festive family filled day next week.