Another great year at Rhinebeck… The morning started early on Saturday with Debbie aka fabriholic23 picking me up at 6:30am. She had my seat all decked out I was so warm and cozy for the ride down. We arrived a little after nine used my handicapped parking which really helped not having to walk so far and got right in since we had bought our tickets ahead of time. The weather was a little to warm for my liking but I guess better than rain. We where able to see all the booths we wanted and of course purchased quite a bit…After all I’m told I will be spending more time “resting” as Chemo goes on so I HAD to make sure my yarn requirements where covered;) plus some of the yarn I got is intended for some Christmas gifts. Here’s Saturdays haul…Now for who we met, we may or may not  have gotten to see some sweaters that may or may not exist from some awesome designers like Ysolda, and Thea aka babycocktails and some other greats but we where sworn to secrecy. BUT I am allowed to show you the pic we had taken with the wonderful and friendly Thea who just so happens to be the designer of the dresses Deb and I wore now I’m not so patiently waiting for the Bloody Mary Sweater that Thea is wearing to be released. I want to make it in the maroon color chaco yarn I bought above. I also have to make this dress and pantaloons that beckyinvt is wearing might be next years outfit… Here are some random pics from Sat we left the fairgrounds around 2:30 as we had seen everything we wanted to and I was in desperate need of a nap. I wish I had taken more pictures of the hand knits I kept admiring, but what can you do there’s always next year. I also didn’t get a pic with  Martha aka Goldybear who I finally got to meet in person and is so sweet to have made me an awesome hat and sent a care package with the yummiest of chocolates and a fun card game which will come in handy during the upcoming three hour infusions… After nap time we had dinner at the Olympic diner and than sat and knit at the Holidome A great ending to a great day. Sunday had us moving at a slower more tired pace but I was able to go back and pick up some of those items I didn’t get the first day.I also had to take this guys picture to prove how hot it was both days but I was chicken to ask so  sneakily snapped away

and wouldn’t you know someone said it was THE Stephen West.. Crap that’s what I get for not asking, I would so have had my picture taken with him and not to mention all my Yarn Angel ladies love his patterns.ugh.So another Rhinebeck year down and the countdown begins for next year.. Now to get started on knitting some of that new scrumptious yarn…Oh and to those non knitters out there it isn’t weird when you match your friends when attending yarn festivals, there where others who had the same shawls, sweaters, or hats on it’s just one of those fibery things to do. Yes we wouldn’t match if going out to dinner together but at Rhinebeck and the like it’s what you do:)