Only one more day till Rhinebeck and the suspense is awful:) Hopefully the weather gods will cooperate and we will have cool sunny  weather… I’ve narrowed my outfit down for Saturday to my Allegheny Dress and just made a matching hat and fingerless gloves. Sunday is between my Mint Julip or my Abigail Cardi.. Here’s some pics of my Abigail or as I like to spell it  for my princess Abbigayle

Next are pics of another slouchy beret to match my Allegheny dress Andrew was at school so hubby filled in as photographer… Malia and Jaide this is my favorite wig:) Oooh how I can’t wait to see all those knitted garments and sink my hands in some fibery goodness  I  think this weekend is going to be some  much needed therapy and I know that Deb and I are going to make the best of it:):):)Now to finish packing and check  my lists twice!!!