Monday was the third infusion of the first four drugs, so we are in the home stretch of the first “half” only one more nasty drug combo and than we move on to something else for the last four treatments…So far this week has been met with less nausea but more fatigue. I’m making sure to get extra rest in order to gear up for RHINEBECK this weekend. Yes my Oncologist gave me the go ahead so I will be there maybe just moving a lot slower;) As I sit here typing this morning I’m still extremely overwhelmed by the out pouring of support from friends, family, and our community. I have another post planned for all of the generous gifts that have been bestowed on my family and I but the most recent support was last night at my both my daughters volleyball games. I was ushered in by a Mom who’s a friend from the team we where playing and asked to sit with her on the bottom bleachers. WELL during the line up to start the game ALL of the Queensbury Varsity girls each gave me a pink carnation or rose. The last girl on the line up is one of Abbeys good friends and who’s Mom I was sitting with  so by the time they got to her and she handed me more flowers and a gift bag it was really hard to keep those tears away. She was met with a huge hug from me, so Lindsey you girls all rock and mean the world to us!!!! Than came the line up for our own school and there where going to be more tears and hugs when I saw my baby coming toward me with flowers, and her whole team had made special pink breast cancer shirts to wear for the game and matching shoe laces too. So thanks Cheryl for putting all that together and all of your support means a ton!!Sadly our teams lost but that was ok and when we got home and opened the goodie bag we where brought to more tears with the candy that was put in there just for Andrew, and beautiful bracelets made for Abbey, Alyssa, and I ,by Lindsey’ s sister Emily who is currently kicking Leukemia’s  ass and in her home stretch. AND a very generous card and monetary amount from the Queensbury Volleyball Power of Pink Tournament!!!! Words cannot say thank you enough for them to think of us and include us as part of the recipients from that amazing fundraiser!!! You girls all should be so proud!!!