Yesterday was Chemo 2 so I’m now half way done with the nasty drug combo. So far the side affects this time around are much mellower than the first round. So here’s hoping the next few days just as well. Yes I expect more fatigue but if the headaches and nausea stay away I will be one very happy person. I’ve been a very good sport about the hair coming out so over the weekend when my girls asked if they color they’re hair pink and mine too since Yesterday was Oct 1 the start of Breast Cancer awareness month, I figured what the hell mine will only be around a few more days. So here’s the pics from Sunday  Lyssey just did her ends…Abbey got more funkysince I was afraid bleaching my hair first would be to harsh we just put the splat on,weeellll mine took on more of a purple tone and left me with pink polka dot spots.ahem Well it’s not a surprise that since my body is so super sensitive, that today my hair started coming out in clumps 15 days after chemo 1.. So tonight I was another good sport and my wonderful family took turns shaving my head and some of the joke that where made unfortunately cannot go in print:)Yes a good sport indeed. It was weird being the  “client” instead of the hairdresser. The pink polka dots on the back where a little bit of a surprise but just helped lighten the mood that much more. Surprisingly the bald thing doesn’t bother me like I thought it would and it’s part of the process of healing and also means the chemo is doing its job!!! So here’s to BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!