As I wrote the date on something this morning I was struck that it was exactly a month ago that I was having my first tests done that started this roller coaster called breast cancer.. It seems like much longer since so much has happened in such a relatively short time. I’ve made it through one chemo treatment and am now on my “off” week. Last week wasn’t exactly fun but it wasn’t unbearable either. I think the hardest thing was becoming instantly “sick” and having pretty much every side affect in the first few days. Yesterday I hit that emotional roller coaster that had me angry,yelling, and yes sobbing like a child in my fathers big comforting arms!!! BUT it was a huge relief when I was all done and our day ended on a great note. The only side affect I’m still dealing with is the lovely constipation issue from the anti nausea drug I still have to take. So after another trip to the pharmacy (there’s been many in the last few days) I have more things to drink, and take to help with that. I can now sympathize with those little babies who scream with discomfort because it’s pretty miserable. Hopefully by next Monday things will be smoothed out and I will know what meds to take when to help with all the side affects. I’m armed and prepared for next week and now know a little more of what to expect and how to deal with things. However the lovely acne that appeared on my face and chest out of know where on Sat night freaked me out a little but by Sunday night had vanished. I’ve been able to watch my girls volleyball games, cuddle on the couch and watch movies, and get out and walk. Today was a good day and I was even able to pick my little guy up at school so I’m looking forward to some normal things this week like visiting my knitting ladies (its been way to long) since I’ve been social knitting, taking the dog to the groomer and watching some more volleyball games all before next week has me out of the game for a few days. Hopefully I can upload some pics of my recent sweaters I finished soon.