1 down 7 more to go. I’m on day three now which is when I’m supposed to start feeling pretty crappy and wiped out.. WELL Monday night I tried to go to the girls volleyball games and wasn’t very successful 😦 about ten min in I was hit instantly with hot sweats and the need to be sick. As gracefully as my legs would carry me I wobbled down from the top bleachers into the girls locker room thankfully empty.. I didn’t end up being sick thanks to the anti nausea meds but man did I feel like crap no sorry crap is not strong enough complete shit is a better description. Thanks to a teacher my girls had, she helped hubby and my parents get me out the side door to the car. I suffered the rest of the night but after my Mom called the dr I was able to take the one nausea med right away. It helped a little but the symptoms had to play out. I made hubby go back and watch the games so they could have one of us there. So thanks Mom for helping me get thru the worst of it. I also have another drug added to help keep my stomach happier. Lesson learned is on Chemo 2 take nausea med right away when getting home because I’m instantly affected by it. The one drug that is given to me there are two  is called the red devil or bag of death yea I’m pretty much agreeing with that one and at the risk of TMI lets just say what goes in must come out and it’ s no pretty. Ok so today I’m feeling better on the tummy issues just slightly sore even though I never got sick, but  my stomach feels like it did, and of course the lovely your head feels like a tunnel feeling and tiredness is just par for the course and I’m told next week I should feel better before it starts again. Yesterday was the Neulasta shot and so far so good since I’m taking Claratin and Motrin for that one and I’m told the side affects should be minimal if any..So here’s some pics from the other day.. Always blood work firstShe was very good and I barely felt the stick but as someone who hates needles the wince is just automatic… Next came the real fun stuff…the actual access of the port wasn’t to bad, I felt a pressure and than a pop sensation so not painful just weird.and the bag of death for the last 15 or so minutes I’m hanging in there and staying tough since this is the process I have to go to through to ensure I BEAT this…I think since hubbys working from home and it’s sunny out I may try a short walk soon. He has me on house arrest for a few days so I’m praying next week to go visit my knitting ladies even if it’s only an hour because I miss them so much:) On another note I’m very thankful to all those on my team from my Drs to my friends and family I know it’s all those people that will help me get through this easier. I also found out that my Oncologist’s Dad was my science teacher in school and one of the girls who does scheduling was a few years ahead of me in school small world but it’s funny how those little things just help you feel safer during a vulnerable  time that has you sometime feeling like a child in need of their Mommy and Daddy instead of the parent you actually are to three great kids.