Since we where able to do  some “normal” things this past week I wanted to post about it..

First there was the first day of school

followed by a lot of fun at the apple orchard. It’s funny how things work out, due to the weather apple picking is four weeks early which for us works out perfect because who knows how I will be feeling four weeks from now..somethings never change, she’s had the same pouty face since she was a toddler and the same stomp of the foot that still makes me laugh because she just can’t keep that foot from not stomping;)Watching my girls play a sport they love is incredible and makes me so proud of them both even when I’m yelling/cheering from the stands.and as if life hasn’t become crazy enough with being sick hubby has had something in the works for months so here’s a little hint I’m so proud of him and even though things are going to be tough for a while we also have something exciting to look forward too and help our minds take a break from cancer…oh yea and the pie I made from the apples was eaten before I could get a picture and the apple sauce was whisked away to the freezer. Apple crisp is on this weekends menu.