Yesterday was arm port day. Thanks to a very caring nurse Kim my IV went in without any issues. She numbed it up with some lidocaine and than used a pediatric needle. Apparently I have very tiny veins. So the first hurdle was over. Than it was off to the OR and I could feel the tears wanting to come but with some deep breaths by the time I was transferred from the gurney to the OR table I was in control again and the fantastic team of nurses and Dr really helped. Of course I was given some loopy drugs and pain med plus antibiotics so I wasn’t feeling anything and thanks to the anti nausea drug in the IV I actually didn’t puke. I remember being in and out and at one point thinking the beam attached to the light was turning and thinking I know it’s probably not moving but I HAD to ask so I said that bar up there isn’t turning is it… I hope I didn’t say  something else I don’t remember. I found out after that I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs in my IV so now there’s something else to add to my fast growing allergy list.ugh. I remember saying my arm was burning and itching and sure enough that was the first sign of a reaction so they pushed some benadryl and it was all good. I also remember the surgeon saying I’m  not happy with this.My response was I can hear you and that’s not very reassuring. Apparently he is very picky and wasn’t liking how his sutures where looking so he did them over I guess between that and the reaction made an hour surgery turn into an hour and a half. I guess that makes me happy he takes such pride in his work and was trying to leave me with as nice a scar as possible. The pain wasn’t to bad and since I don’t tolerate pain meds very well,  I kept up with the tylenol and than motrin today. However I was having another allergic reaction to the dressing. So while at a dr appt to meet our radiation oncologist today  I asked them to please take a look at it and see what was going on. They put a different type of dressing on it and so far so good and the  tape isn’t pulling either. I swear it seems if it’s not one thing it’s another. Hubby has been a great sport during all of this and is helping pick up the slack of the things I can’t do right now since I’m not supposed to use that arm for a few days. Tonight was middle school open house which was a long night and had us updating some of our friends who didn’t know what was going on and smiling at others as they commented they loved the new hair cut. There’s no easy way to tell people and there’s many who still don’t know. I’m hoping by the time high school open house comes around most of those we know will have heard since by than it will probably be obvious I didn’t just cut my hair to cut it. I couldn’t have gotten thru tonight with out hubby by my side, the simple act of holding my hand or touching my back as I explained what was going on was just what I needed to get me thru…Honey I love you!!!