When I found out that I was going to lose my hair I made the decision it was coming off on my terms. Even though I am a hairstylist this was to much to do myself. Our cancer center has a boutique in it so I decided to get it cut there and donate it to locks of love. I have to say so far my experience of going to the center is  one filled with compassion and understanding and I’ve now become a part of the “club”.It does help meeting others that are close to my age and who have survived. Hubby and I where given hugs today which helped a lot and made me  certain I was in the right place. So here’s the pics hubby took of the new haircut…

big Change and here’s one more after we walked to the coffee shop before heading back to the hospital for more appts..

Tomorrow is day surgery for the arm port and I’m told the rest of the day I will be laying on the couch, and can’t be left alone or drive for 24hrs. Than more Dr appts to meet the plastic surgeon and radiologist oncologist Thursday, all before the big first chemo day on Monday 17th.