Yikes how can it be that I’ve been away AGAIN for so long.. Three kids and sports, and field trips is how…This little guy turned 9 on April 30th and I can’t believe I didn’t get over here at least on that ,but of course that day involved ball games,orthodontist appt, and of course cupcake,brownie making. He said he’s fine with me missing it here because eventually I WOULD get over here. I can’t believe it’s his last year of single digits and how grown up  he is. His friends Mom told me yesterday that she loves having intellectual conversations with him and he’s like a little man with what he comes out with. Oh boy I can only imagine..Happy Very Belated Birthday Honey on this space:)

In between all the sports and concerts we have found some time for fun. Monday being Memorial Day I suggested no DEMANDED a day away and change of scenery. Thankfully our good friends who live in Lake Placid invited us up to their camp at Hole Pond for the day. The van was packed with gear and kids and we are on the rode by 9am there by 11:30 and home again at 8:30pm. Just what we all needed. 7 Month old Maverick found someone who likes to dig holes too. The view is so peaceful Hubby helping with a push to get them started.. Now the countdown to the last day of school is on and I’m busy making Graduation Gifts, Birthday Presents, and of course Teachers Gifts. I really need more hours in the day or being able to function on less sleep.