For some reason every time I seem to wear this know one is willing to take a pic.. So I had to work with the not so great ones that have been taken..

The pattern is Allegheny from BabyCocktails it was a pretty simple knit and I love how comfy it is. My notes are over on ravely if you want more details..I was actually able to finish it just in time to wear on Christmas and found the tights/leggings at Forever21.I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn it since but this is one you should really think of making…  I had seen two woman wearing it at Rhinebeck and had to find out what the pattern was. No Blog Deb is making one too so maybe we will both be wearing ours this year for Rhinbeck 2012. These where something else I had worked on during fall sports and just happen to match this too.Knee high socks knit from mini moochi yarn.. I’ve also made a ton of these hats for special orders and gifts..Again details are over on ravelry but the yarn used was Lambs Pride Worsted. I knit the “endless” scarf with the left over yarn from the hat.This rug was a VERY quick knit using a purl soho pattern. Perfect to warm those feet on cold nights.. Now I’m all caught up with what was knit while I was away for so long and now I better get to quilting this years Spring Fair Quilt for my sons school.