Wow what a crazy week and I’m still coming off my Rhinebeck High.. No blog Deb and I spent the weekend again at Sheep and Wool and had an even better time than last year. We sort of ahem… crashed the Holidome party, but where made to feel VERY welcome by some of the Long Island Knitters.. What a great bunch of ladies to share their table with us.. We also chatted with many of the others that where there too and finally got to meet some Ravers in person..So here are some Pics so you can enjoy/re-enjoy the weekend:)

Another Vivian wearer. I’m so sorry I forgot your name and talked with you sat night too.I guess there where a couple other Vivian sightings but sadly I missed them:(  Someone had a surprise party for this lovely lady who LOVES purple. another pic from the holidome partyI felt so bad for those who had to sit on the hard floor but with wine and yarn it was all good. Sunday Goldilocks11 was nice to share the secret to making her adorable vest.

Can’t wait to make that.. Next up we have some random people pics. of course Rhinebeck wouldn’t be complete without some animal pics.Some pics of booths..and of course lastly my haul. I was very good this year and stayed pretty much to budget. It’s all that damn food that adds up and cuts into the fiber budget;)Ok so in the bags are ten skeins each of Chaco yarn which is what I had used to knit up Vivian. The bag on the right is going to be used for making allegheny. Not sure what the navy will be used for yet. Below the navy yarn we have a pottery mug, and Ysolda’s Whimsical Little Knits 2 book. A pattern to make a cardigan/coat with brown and white yarn below it, Blush Woobuh to make the Abigail Cardi I however will spell it Abbigayle like my daughters name:)..Two skeins of socks that rock and one skein of Harry Potter Yarn.Now I’m off to get some things done so I can hopefully cast on for Allegheny tonight..