This past weekend I was able to sneak away for a few hours with my friend no blog Deb, her daughter, and one of my daughters, to attend for the first time for us Fiber Festival. The girls where able to wander on their own (thanks to cell phone coverage) but managed to find us every half hour or so;) It was a great preview to Rhinebeck coming up in a few weeks. I was very good about not spending to much, like I said Rhinebeck is in a few weeks:)

My GoodiesI also met the designer of the book above, Cal Patch and her adorable dog GertieI really am loving her doggie bed and think Miss Stella may need one of her own.Here’s some other pics from the day…The Countdown is on and I’m desperately trying to get my Vivian done before Rhinebeck.. Not sure it will happen but still keeping my fingers crossed. Now if the day to day stuff would slow down I could get more knitting time in.. Volley girl is home sick again today so maybe a movie on the couch with her will get me some knitting time in during the daytime hours.