She played my alma-mater the other night and won!! It was weird being back in the school that I spent my school years in and to think how I was at her age now. I felt odd sitting in those stands as a parent and in awe that the gym teacher/coach was still there all these years later. The game was intense and had the longest volleys to date. Since it was a non-league game not sure if we will play them again but it was truly a special night. She even said to me after, Mom I get it now all those things you tried to explain about your time in school. Your school really is different than mine. It was exciting to see the huge support my alma mater still has, the boys soccer team where very entertaining in there cheerleading  chants, and yet it made me sad at the same time that the school my kids go to doesn’t have that support. I am so proud of this girl and she is totally holding her own as a freshmen playing on a mostly senior team and against mostly junior and senior girls. The evenings are long and late on these game nights but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.