I’ve noticed a lot of questions out there on how to make applesauce. Seriously it’s so easy. All you need are apples,  sugar for sweetening ( optional),good size pot for the stove, food mill, and bowl. You will also need jars with lids or some type of container. First you will core the apples leaving skin on. Slice apples and toss into pot for the stove. Fill that pot right to the top and cover you can add a little water to the bottom of the pot but that’s up to you, set temp no higher than med and stir often to prevent burning to the bottom. After about 15min turn temp down to a simmer. Continue cooking until all apples are soft and it’s ok if you’re starting to get a soupy consistency. Time will depend on apples used and how big you cut them. The softer the mixture the easier it will be going through the food mill. Next remove from heat and I usually place my hot pot on a cutting board. Scoop out and put in your food mill which should now be over your bowl.Once you’ve “milled “all the apples  apple sugar to taste if desired and than pour into your container of choice. I prefer mason jars of various sizes leaving head room for expansion to avoid breaking when freezing. Let the jars COMPLETELY cool before freezing and also make sure to keep one jar in the fridge for eating.This last batch was made with Cortland Apples which I’ve never used before, I usually use Macintosh. The difference I noticed is texture being thicker, color more yellow than pink, and flavor. Still very yummy though. Now on to a batch of Pumpkin Choc Chip cookies per request from the Volleyball team for an after game snack tonight.