We’ve been home for a week already and I miss it so much. There’s just something about the ocean, the beach, and Maine itself that is just so soothing to all of us. I can’t believe we have to wait a WHOLE entire year to go back again. Until than I will look at our pictures many,many, times. As a matter of fact they are currently on the screen saver in the kitchen. I will share some of our pics from this years Maine trip. First up our days on the beach.

Another favorite thing of ours is searching for sea glass and although he won’t admit it I know he enjoys it too. Not to mention isn’t a picture worth a thousand words…um yea I would say he was busted:) He did find a coveted piece/color of glass and in order for her to have it a little something was required.At fourteen she’s not always as forthcoming with the hugs for Dad so hey I’m not above a little bribery and look it worked.Hubby and I also got to take a late night walk on the beach.

Another highlight was an evening in Portland for dinner at The Corner Room which was yummy and a special book signing.Any guesses who I may have met? If you said Amanda than you’re correct.but not only did I get to meet this sweet, down to earth, fantastic person, but her Husband Steve,Calvin, Ezra, and baby Annabel. My kids even thought it was such a fun time and I even was able to capture Andrew having fun and making new friends while listening to some tunes.These two people are so friendly and it was truly one of the best book signings I’ve been to yet. Their new book ,The Rhythm Of  Family is a must have, there’s everything in this book from, cooking, crafting,knitting, and family things.. A true vacation highlight for me to actually meet someone in person whom you’ve read about in blogland for years and have that person be even nicer than you imagined is just wonderful.

I also was able to get everyone to stand still long enough for our annual picThanks Mom and Dad for another wonderful vacation.