Well there’s been LOTS of knitting. Socks, Fingerless Gloves, and even some Sweaters. So here goes.. These where part of the Skacel knit along using sock yarn.

yea yea we all know how much I love my knitted socks. I have two other pairs currently on the needles which should be done soon:) One sweater that is very special because “she” asked and has worn it many times since completion was The Wonderful Wallaby. If you’re not familiar with this pattern it’s worth checking out. One pattern for ALL sizes baby, to adult. Not to mention there’s no seaming. I’m so glad that she loves something Mama made, I only wish that I had gotten a picture of her wearing it on vacation. I must have been slightly distracted looking for something ahemsee it?yup sea glass. There’s also a blue piece in the first pic. My guilty pleasure that I could spend hours sifting through the rocks looking for. Oh wait I believe I did:) There’s one sweater that I worked on for months that deserves it’s own post but I will give you a hint. It may have something to do with Traveling.