I was originally going to just pick up with whats currently going on BUT I was outvoted and told I need to quickly catch up on what’s been going on since I’ve been away from this space.  So here’s Part I (Family)

She turned 11

He Turned 8

And She turned 14

Yikes I cannot believe how quickly they’ve all grown. In a few weeks I will have a High Schooler how is that even possible, a Middle Schooler and, one Elementary Schooler.

We’ve had sports too.We did a Girls On The Run 5k it wasn’t pretty but we were both proud to accomplish it. I NEVER thought I would be able to participate in something like that, so it was very exciting to run across that finish line and think WOW I just did that, and had my husband and kids there cheering us on. Next year I want to have both my girls there running.He was so proud as were we of how much he improved this season.

A Fifth grade trip to the Bronx Zoo was another one of our highlights.

Um yea that’s the real color pretty interesting right?Soo adorable I could have stood there and stared for hours.

Her and my “other” Daughter went away to Volleyball Camp for four days and left two Mommies (they’re such great friends my friend and I answer respectively when they say hey Mommie) missing them. However it was an incredible experience for both girls and they still remind us that they played Volleyball for 7 1/2hrs for four days straight:) The last day they invited the parents to come and watch.

Next up part II Sewing… Stay Tuned