Her dedication amazes me to her sport, herself, and her teammates.Her team came in second this past weekend at an away tournament. Two hours one way and she got up at 4am and home at 8pm. True dedication and she was sooo excited.Thanks to texting I was able to feel like we were there and I was able to cheer her on through out the day, it was a bummer  we weren’t there to see the team fight for that second place spot. They played like champs after hours of playing they still hung in there. She’s made new friends and is excelling at a sport she truly loves.. She even got to stay home and sleep in for half the day and than insisted she needed to go to school when I said just stay home for the day. Nope she was going to school. Dedicated I think so. She even has a special dinner this week for student of the quarter. I’m proud of this sweet one and on mornings like today when the teenage attitude comes out and a teenage daughter can make their Mom feel like you know what I have to take a step back and remember teenage years are rough and Moms become the outlet. Kids are cruel, and I know she will get through it because of that dedication and if I have to be a “punching” bag every once in awhile as hard as it is I truly know it’s not really directed towards me. Come 3pm when I pick her up from school all will be forgotten I will get that smile as she climbs in the car and the Hi Mom I look forward to every day.Yes being a Mom can be hard but dedication on all parts make it all worth it.Congrats sweet girl I can’t wait to see how the next tournament plays out.