Oh my it’s cold out today. It was -27 when we woke up this morning which earned us a mention on the Today Show. The kids were very excited that our small hometown was mentioned for being so cold and we broke the record of -20 that was set back in 1970.. It warmed up to a balmy -15 when I drove them to school. The heat is cranking and I’m almost done with the normal day to day housework so I can settle in at the sewing machine and later on the couch with something warm to drink and some knitting.. I get an extra hour all this week since the kids have talent show practice right after school which means a later pick up time..No complaints here. So it was also chilly this weekend and here’s what I’ve been working on.

A sweater that now needs to be seemed (again) my least favorite part and I’ve already ripped it out three times.Socks started at the last volleyball tournament with yarn I bought THIS year at Rhinebeck.A sock along over at Knit Purl Hunter I love how these cables are looking and it’s my first attempt at a toe up sock, so far it’s working out great and learning some new techniques. I’ve also finished a MUCH overdue wedding quilt. Just needs the label and a box.Happy Monday hope you’re staying warm and now for a quick treadmill workout ugh and than some quilting and knitting time yea.