Holiday Knitting is in FULL force. Here’s what we have so far.Fingerless Gloves using Berroco’s Remix and the pattern is from the More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.. These went to one of my very loyal clients.. French Press Knitted Slippers. Yarn Lambs Pride Worsted.. These are so fun to make and are sooo comfy to wear. I wear mine all the time. I also have made a quilted casserole cozy for another holiday gift.Flip and you get thisI also have made three bags for my quilting girls I forgot to take pics of, and three “stretch”bags for a special order (also forgot to photograph) and another felted purse like the one I made to match Sylvi..I’ve had a nasty cold so the heavy duty cold meds have led to less camera grabbing. Back soon with some more Holiday Happenings.