It’s been crazy here lately.. We have had many nights watching her bring her team to a win..This girl amazes me at her athletic ability.. I enjoy watching everything she does and that smile when she’s served out the game and brought her team to a win is worth every minute of the carpooling to practices and waking up early sat mornings to get her where she needs to be. We have three more school games left and than she will have a small break before she joins the traveling volleyball team in late December. In between her busy schedule she found time to make me this delicious cake for my Birthday.Yummy. I found time to make this hat his head is a little bigger than I thought so I improvised and added the fleece band. He loves it so all is right. The pattern is from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts and it’s the family of hats pattern.. I also finished my first pattern bought this year at Rhinebeck. The Tuscany Tank from Briar Rose and yarn is there’s too, Dream Weaver. I’ve gotten some mixed reviews but most seem to really like the finished product. I find it quiet comfy.I’ve also worn it with jeans and a white shirt underneath so it’s quiet versatile. Someone made me these the french press slippers.. I LOVE them and they are sooo comfy. My kids have asked for some for their little feet. We also have been getting ready for Halloween which is my least favorite “holiday” but I try to suck it up for the kids sake. Alyssa is going as a vampire and is wearing one of my dresses we altered to fit her.. She loves it. Andrew is going as a hippie aka bob marley, and Abbey is going as a princess fairy. So between the three the grand total came to $25. I refused to spend a lot and wanted to instill that homemade is always of them all dressed up to come in a few days.. Last night the kitchen was taken over by this annual project with Dadpics of the finished project to come for these too.Ok another half day today and 24 cupcakes need to be decorated for tomorrows second grade party.. What have you all been busy doing?