Wow I’m finally coming off of my Rhinebeck high. Yesterday I was so overwhelmed and exhausted from the weekend. I had a great time and finally got to meet some rav/blog people in person. Of course I didn’t always take pics to prove it. One thing I must do next year. I also saw Vicki Howell but was so stunned I couldn’t go up to her. I also spotted Uma but never realized it was her until I saw the posts on ravelry. I actually recognized her footwear in someone’s pic.(yea I know we all have our quirks.) So hear are my pics from Rhinebeck 2010.Another Sylvi sighting. I forgot to take a pic of the girl wearing the red urban aran on Sunday. Look at that cute face.Hmm wonder if hubby can make our pumpkins look like that?STR booth on Sunday. Way more crowded on Sat I couldn’t get to my camera.ahm may also have something do with my hands being a little full.Christina McGowan and friend also found out that Christina has family that lives in my hometown and we thought our paths have crossed before.Rav meet upsOh that fur was soooo soft.Now to turn all the goodies into something. I already cast on for the vest pattern from Briar Rose. I also had a nice gift given to me back at the hotelA new ball winder and the central park hoodie pattern.OMG. Another great year at Rhinebeck even if we had to stand in line forever to get on the bus to the sat night party and got there 50min into the party and they were out of goodie bags. We were even in line at 6:30 for the bus. So goals for next year are take more pics and have just as much fun as this year.