This past weekend no blog Deb invited a few of us quilters up to her camp for a fun, relaxing weekend. I was even missed by all when I returned home which was such a nice feeling.. It was a little chilly in the evening but that’s ok we had this to keep us warm as we quilted our hearts out..Lisa was little upset when I threw some scraps away.Yes she did retrieve them from the garbage.. So as you can see the house is a log house which gave us some  built in hangers for our projects as we finished them.A simple quilt “top” for my bed to help brighten the room up during the winter time, now I just have to figure out how I want to quilt it.hmm. I also finished some bags which I forgot to take a pic of, and made a table runner which also needs to be quilted.Lisa finished some fun quiltsThat was my favorite.. Applique she makes me Deb finished a baby boy quilt and girl quilt but somehow I missed the pic of the girls.Laura always  finds the neatest country themed quilts to make.before we packed up and came home to reality there was a little time to rearrange some furniture. Not sure if Deb will let me back in the house again.haha. Her girls now have a spacious loft without “creepy”corners.I hope the girls like it. See I couldn’t fall asleep so at 2am I was laying there thinking how could we rearrange this room. Well it worked. Hey Deb I have a plan for the living room Thanks again Deb for a wonderful weekend you guys have such an awesome spot to getaway to and even the practical jokes kept us on our toes.. BUT there’s something you haven’t found yet.hmmm.what and where could it be?