Today was the Last First Day for the kids to start school in there current buildings.. The  last first day of Middle School for Abbey, the last first day of Elementary School for Alyssa, and the last first day going in the “little door/little wing” of the elementary school for Andrew.. I’m always sad on the first day of school and some tears are shed its another milestone that slaps you in the face that they’re all growing up way to fast. It will be one of those long days for me since I will be anxious to hear how they liked there teachers, was there any new kids, and the general info they tend to give you when returning home or if they really can’t wait, on the drive home remember we don’t have school buses. Abs has volleyball till 5:30 so thanks to texting I can find out her day in between school and practice.I will miss them today but don’t worry it’s Wednesday which means Knitting from 10:30-12:30 or possible longer.Happy First Day and glad they were all smiles!!