Carrot-Tomato Soup recipe from Amanda I have always hated tomato soup but this one’s a keeper and was loved by all. I’m also loving the pot (borrowed)from my Mom but is now on my wish list if only I could pick which color I want. Some cleaning of drawers to see what we need for the next season. Truck boy had these in his underwear/sock drawer. Yea I don’t think  so. They now have a special spot in his desk a happy compromise. Making Yogurt, I tried the heat pack on a cookie sheet method first but I couldn’t get the temp right so after some research found this suggestion which worked better.Skyler however thought it was just fine.The yogurt tasted ok but the consistency was a little grainy/chunky. So I  will try again. I think maybe I didn’t incubate it long enough and I also had used skim milk so I will try one more time with the skim milk but leaving longer and see what happens before I go and try maybe 2% milk. All in all it was a quiet relaxing weekend