Well I finally got a new camera an Olympus c-765 ultra zoom.. Well it’s new to me.. My Dad had gotten a new high zoot camera so he passed his old one on to me.. I’m still playing with it but here’s what I’ve captured so far… Andrew came home from vacation with a nasty fever and cold so we’ve been laying low and playing with some toys that had been put away for awhile..The City is one of my personal favorites. All wooden pieces and leads to much creativity.. I also made some more pasta sauce with a special helper.he liked working the blender and the “chopper”but of course he had to act all cool.we enjoyed some the other night and it was delicious and eaten by all.My other babies have been enjoying some rest time since apparently while we were away exhausted them too.She peeked at me when she heard the camera..Skyler didn’t like having the house to himself. But Stella seemed happy when we picked her up from the boarder but has been clingy.Since most were happy for quiet time I was able to work on a special order baby quilt.and the back I’ve also been working on some knitting so be back soon with some knitted goodies that helped pass the time at softball games and of course there was knitting accomplished on vacation.