We have been going to Maine for 12yrs and love it probably more each time we go.. There’s been many milestones met there with the kids. Oldest lost her first tooth there and they have all learned how to body surf, boogie board, and search for treasures left behind from the tide.  Pop and Hubby have also celebrated some birthdays there as well.So for those of you who love Maine or haven’t been, here are some alot of pictures for you to enjoy. You can always click on the smaller ones to view them bigger.

We also found a new favorite Thai Place to eat atThe outside had a few in our group nervous but omg was the place immaculate inside and the food was to die for.. The plates were all hand painted and there was hand carved wooden pieces everywhere which is also what the outside is made up of.two handmade bracelets came home with my girls that all of there friends are loving.. I will have to take a pic of those another time.one of the carvings may have to come home with us next year.. I rate this place a 10+. Alyssa loved dancing in the surf a beach must doAnother family came to the beach and hubby of course was the one to spot them and the kids were in awe.See anything? How about now?There were three of them and they still had spots.. That was something we haven’t seen before.. We also got to meet the family of raccoons that made a mess of our garbage at three am. I couldn’t get the camera out quick enough but hubby and I had a good laugh after we got the flashlight out and watched what they were doing. The Mom even “stood up” like in the movie Great Outdoors and Furry Vengence.. It was a mess to clean up in the morning and the garbage wasn’t forgotten outside again..

Ripley the Dennis the Menace of BPL thought it would be fun to sneak down to the beach for awhile.The lady sitting next to us new him so we called his owner and came down to get him.. The kids remember him from a few years ago when he was puppy. Things haven’t changed that much.lol.

Andrew found his first starfish all by himself We took the kids to “Ticky Tonk Vil” As my kids call it aka Old Orchard Beach not to insult anyone but OMG are there way to many people there.eww. To each is own but that’s why we go to the “pool” for we prefer the less traveled road. Anyway the kids saw fireworks and Andrew was impressed but scared to see a train so close come right through the “pier”it was very hard to try and get pics of a  moving train so close but oh well. There was no caboose so there was a disappointed boy.Someone still loves to make fairy drip castles but I wasn’t allowed to get her face in the picthere was knitting of course yes it was early..

A last photo op before we headed into the car for the 4 1/2+ ride home. We live near one of the favorite lakes in the Adirondacks but we love the “Maine Ocean” too. She just had to get the salt water on her feet for the ride home and one last piece of sea glass from the rocky beach..Good Bye Maine for now there may be some more pics in some upcoming posts especially since I STILL need to take a pic of all our sea glass and shells we found. Hope you enjoyed Maine As We See It.