With our annual vacation coming up quickly I had a little treasure project I wanted to make since last summer.. Amanda had the idea in her Handmade Home book which is one of my favorites and a  must have if you don’t already own it.. While I had used pet screen for making other types of bags I never would have thought to make these.I made enough for my kids, my niece and nephew who are going to be with us. The wristlets are for my sil and I, and I made two for my niece and nephew who are going to watch xena our 13yr old weime. Their  parents will get a gift certificate to go to lunch or dinner. Poor Stella is going to get boarded but I think she will have fun where we are taking her.. See we always had dog sitters for our weimes and now they have all gotten married and it’s hard to find someone to dog sit so with Stella being young we figured we would start her off with the boarder. Skyler kitty will get the house to himself with occasional visits from one of our friends..Ok back to the bags.. They were so much fun to make and I loved stamping on fabric. I ended up running out of screen so told hubby we needed to go to lowes one night, he didn’t seem to confused when I said I need pet screen for some bags. I guess he’s  used to my sewing with different types of things and just goes with the flow. He thought they were very cute when he came home from work and they were all over the dining room table.. Another treasure I found was this baby.Of course it looks awful against the counter did I mention I picked a new one out the other night during our Lowes trip.hmmm maybe by Christmas I may have it.ahem.I had been trying to find one of these locally to no luck so I was searching etsy the other night and voila. The kids are loving it. We seem to be sticking close to home I think we are still exhausted from being at the softball field since April and that everyone is happy to hang out at home and veg. However that was leading to  to much tv and getting on each others nerves=arguing. Now they are actually taking turns and having a blast. They asked if they could watch the American Girl Kit movie because they remembered she uses one to type her stories. I love all those movies so the answer was after your in jammies absolutely.I’ve been told the typewriter is coming on vacation with us because apparently there is going to be a vacation newspaper.I love when there minds work like that.What treasure have you found.