A previous note in his snack bag said Mom could you please get me rits bits NOT rits snack mix. So this note was in the snack bag the next afternoon. I LOVE it. So sweet to think to thank me and lets face it there’s nothing sweeter than a little note from one of your “babies”. I also got to spend the day with him last week on a field trip for maple sugaring. It was supposed to be a snowshoeing trip but our winter didn’t want to cooperate very well so the program changed. What fun it was..See him in the blue fleece sporting his “mama” love hat.For those not familiar with maple sugaring those tubes between trees carry the sap into a holding bucket.The saps cooking on it’s way to becoming syrup.We even got to sample some.Hubby’s family makes there own syrup so we all love the “real stuff” .The guide was telling us how the bucket should be full at that time of the day and it was pretty much empty. They’re thinking that our weird winter has affected the way the sap is “running” this year. So unfortunately it’s looking like it’s not going to be a huge maple syrup year.Inside they got to hear a story about how the Native American’s discovered making maple syrup.Of course notice the little girl in the hot pink coat. That’s his “girlfriend” and it was very cute to watch that she always was keeping an eye on where he was or what he was doing. It was such a fun day and they all learned something too.