I’m a few days late do to a very busy week but someone turned double digits on Tuesday. We took her out of school to get her second hole for ear piercing and out to lunch.She picked Denny’s of all places but it was her choice. We had “breakfast” for lunch so it was fun but not my choice of places to eat. It blows my mind that she is already 10. She’s so self confident, loves to sing and act, is funny, and cute, and of course the child that can make me angrier than I ever thought possible,  but can have me  laughing quickly after. She’s a one of a kind very special girl and we love you lyssey bug. Tweeny had a concert that night so princess wanted to go for ice cream as her birthday treat,she was even lucky enough to bring a friend a long. Yesterday was a half day and today I had a sick kid home in between trying to do some hair clients. I have more clients tomorrow, another half day of school for the little one’s and truck boy will be staying home again. I love how it all hits at once. I have been doing some baking but will save that post for another day…Oh yea she loved all her homemade birthday goodies too.