For some reason life is crazy busy right now. Someone is turning ten tomorrow so we’ve had a friend party and of course mama’s been making some birthday goodies.. SO lets start with some pics from my little cake boss doing something sweet for her little sis.she worked hard for two hours and came up with this.and of course left this for me to clean up.Birthday girl was sampling some of her frosting..I think she liked her “almost sleep-over party” The girls of course had some goodie bags to take home.The pillowcases and pj bottoms thankfully were a hit. I think I need to make myself a pair now. I also have been working on some stuff for her birthday tomorrow.She wanted one of the memory foam pillows so of course I had to make a new pillow case to go on it.I can’t wait to see her in this skirt. She even tried it on yesterday thinking it was for her cousin. I love that I can still use that excuse for fitting purposes.  Now off to do some wrapping and cake making for her school party tomorrow.