Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.Since we live minutes from the mountain it saves time and is much easier to go dressed. Of course most of us don’t put our goggles down till were on the lift. However that leaves more time for this. We have been watching the Olympics nightly and since the kids had vacation they were allowed to stay up extra late to enjoy them too. Well truck boy has taken a liking to Nordic skiing.They were so excited they ran out in there pj’s before breakfast. Princess loves to snowshoe. They did come in and put more appropriate clothing on later. Truck boy made a “podium” and hops up there with arms in the air and pretends he won gold. It’s priceless to watch. In the evenings however I made some bags.This set is going to the annual school fair raffle.I of course had to make one for myself too.Hubby loves his new socks. Tweeny also did some crafting of her own. Truck boy had his 100 day party the day we came back from vacation so they worked together to create this great shirt.Now I need to go put a binding on the quilt I’m also donating to the school fair raffle. It’s do Monday and I still want to wash it.