Dear Blogland, so sorry for the neglect. Lately it just seems there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything. I have been taking pics of what we have been doing which has consisted of many different things. So grab something warm and settle in and I will catch you up. The kids have had Birthday parties to attend so these were what they wanted Mama to make for there friends. I will say they were all loved and have seen them in use through out the last few weeks. There’s nothing better than making a gift that can be used for a long time…Found these fleeces at Jo-Anns in the sale bin they are each a yard and were only $1.oo each.Princesses homework folder. This is her second one this year. I couldn’t take it any longer so after some thought I came up with a solution and a month later it still looks new..Voila it’s pink and sturdy..I’ve also just finished a great book..I think it’s one of my favorites… If you like to read, read it and if you like to knit and read you really must read it… In between everything else a little man got a new look.Yes I may be a wee bit bias but doesn’t he look soooo cute?! Hubby thinks he has a Harry Potter look. He only has to wear his new glasses for reading, or seat work but so far he’s loving them and has even said wow Mama the letters are so clear..A little note on that, if anyone has a child who is struggling with reading get there eyes checked!!! Since the oldest has glasses we figured he should be checked to but the eye dr mentioned that what is wrong with little mans eyes would never show up on a normal eye screening at school or the Pediatrician. So it’s better safe than sorry. His eyes tend to “jump” which make it hard for him to focus and he can’t “track”  well while reading. I found this all very interesting and it does make since. So now reading isn’t such a struggle and he’s even picking out books to read with me.. I finished my tube socks They are so bright and cheery. Are you still there? Glad you are hanging in there. Now if all of the above wasn’t enough we had our annual talent show at school and there were three little magicians in need of a costume..Hmm the third one must have Not really I just didn’t have a pic of the three of them together that didn’t show there cute little faces. But you get the idea.These little guys helped brighten up the dining room table.. I may make something each “season” to keep in the bowl. Last week Tweeny had a “sick day” from school that found us an hour a way at  a  great mall. She shopped and came home with some great new tops, some books, and a much happier mood. I came home with sore feet a new top, and these.. A stop in William Sonoma was a must and we had to have these.What you’re not excited they look like just any old pan? Well guess what they make these Whoopie Pies.. I don’t think they lasted 12 hrs they were that good. Oh yea and on the way home from the mall the car did a slight detour and I came home with these, well kind of they arrived two days later…After almost fifteen years of marriage we finally have matching furniture in the family room.. They are so comfy.. Notice the pillows I had the fabric in my stash and a quilt is currently in progress to match. Almost caught up here so hang in a little longer..I’ve been working on theseTwo socks at the same time for hubby. I wanted them done in time for Valentines Day but I don’t have high hopes. I also finished one sleeve of Sylvi.Well thanks for hanging in there hope it wasn’t to boring. We have been skiing a ton but most has been at night and it’s been to cold to try and take some pics. The kids are off from school next week so I’m hoping to get at least one ski picture. They are doing so well and little man is like a little racer the turns that boy is making are so great. Princess finally got her poles and likes them and tweeny has some freedom to go off and ski with friends. Now if the snow would stop just missing us the conditions could improve..Thanks for reading and I will try not to disappear for so long again.