Recently I was checking out the anthropolgie group on Ravelry and saw that they were doing a vintage knit along. Weeeellll I looked at some patterns and of course one caught my eye. So with some Christmas money in hand I went to my lys and came home with some yellow Berroco ultra alpaca.ahhh need I say more..I couldn’t wait to cast on which I guess was supposed to be today.. I hope it still counts if not oh well I love how it turned out. Truck boy thought “posing” in front of this antique piece was the perfect spot.It sort of worked but I guess I need to find a home for the books next to it they look kind of crappy sitting there.The details on the sweater are.

3-hour sweater..(yea right) free download on ravelry.

4 skeins Berroco ultra alpaca.. I held two strands together so a bulky or chunky should work fine. First I had done the pattern as written with one strand but it was to see through so I ripped it out. The seeming was a little tough but all in all it came out ok. If I make this again I would make it a tad longer and maybe figure out how to do it in the round. I noticed someone made mods to this affect (after) I had done it. The yarn is sooo soft that I will enjoy wearing this in the spring too.

While in Jo-Anns yesterday picking up some fleece to make some blankets for two birthday parties truck boy is going to I noticed in the remanent bin there was some striped fleece. Well we have been needing some more neck warmers due to skiing frequently and of course outside play so I picked some up and with a little boy who was supposed to be in bed made these.He is very excited that Daddy and him will match.  He than asked me while putting him back into bed if we could make two more for his friends. He told me that he knows they both love to play outside and one of the parties is actually a tubing party so than they can have warm cozy necks too. Well how can you say no to that. So fleece blankets, neck warmers, and a backugan and were party ready.Now off to do some added laundry because a certain puppy thought the perfect spot to pee would be on princesses bed.ugh. So a down comforter and sheets just made my laundry pile huge. Than I think some time with the sewing machine is needed. Happy Friday..