Truck boy has been wanting a desk for his room. Well after an unexpected stop to our local salvation army I was able to find pick one up for $9 I almost choked when the lady told me how much. I never really stop in there so had no idea on how much things went for. I may need to check it out more often. Anyway here’s what his room looked like before. yikes.Pretty scary I know. I hated it. But now I love it…Ahhh much better. Now I love being in his room and we have been enjoying lots of playtime with all of the clean spaces. He is also loving coming home and doing his h/w at his desk but doesn’t want any drinks or food on it for fear of it getting He also likes to make villages. Here’s what he did in our family room AFTER I had his room all cleaned.See there are other uses for Mama’s ironing board and cutting ruler, and of course the Thomas the Train Table can be used elsewhere too. Thankfully hubby helped me clean this little area up. I love the creativity they can come up with. We also have found a nice snack/lunch the kids enjoyed on Sunday I left the room for only minutes and when I came back there one celery stick and carrot left and that was it.. Glad they like the healthy foods.