Good Bye 2009 hello 2010.  I’m in high hopes that 2010 will bring better things and that life’s unknowns will settle into place…However here’s a recap of what we were up to in Dec and now..I love the annual ornament making party our school does for first graders. Sadly this is the last one I get to attend. They are growing to fast.What a great time we had.. Next up there was a quilt needed for a Christmas gift. I hated to see this one go but it went to a great home and I will still get to enjoy it often...Christmas Morning, every gift had a ribbon even the pets goodies..All three were very happy with what Santa brought them.. One morning I woke up and saw this It was so quite out and the snow coming down was just like something out of a movie.My Boys wearing there new Christmas hats.I may need to borrow hubby’s since I’m loving the colors.I also finished my Urban Aran Cardi here it is waiting for the zipper to be sewn.Once my “photographer” is available I will get some pics of me wearing it.Now that Jan has arrived that also means ski season is here. We got passes to our local mountain again this year and took the kids for the first time (since the temps were a little warmer than over vacation) after school yesterday. We pretty much had the mountain to ourselves and skiier boy thought it was way to cool to ski under the lights. Not to mention there was one dark spot riding the lift and looking back at the lights in our nearby city was reallybreathtaken. By the end of the evening my fingers were so numb I wasn’t able to take a pic and I was afraid they would never bend again. Thanks to hubby putting all the skies in the ski box I was able to put the heat on high and dethaw. We only live five min from the mountain which is very nice and it was even nicer that I had thought ahead and had dinner all ready in the crock pot. Hubby cranked up the woodstove and all were happy…I love days like that. Since the kiddies all passed the “test” of skiing after school and getting h/w done and in bed at a reasonable time,  I see some more days like this in the near future. Stay tuned for some crafty goodness I have many 2010 projects I want to do..