Here are some pics that have the Christmas feel to themPrincess sang in our area Sympony Holiday Concert and we were lucky enough to hear a fabulous Irish Tenor that came here to the states just for our concert. Not an event that we would normally go to but Hubby and I said it was really enjoyable and we are looking forward to next year.Truck boy had his all about me week at school and luckily Daddy was in town and got to come and read the story at story time. I have been blessed at doing this job since they were all two and this is the first time that hubby was able to make it.  Truck boy was thrilled as were his class mates.This may be my favorite tree to date.A scarf and fingerless mitts are waiting to be wrapped.Christmas cookies are being enjoyed all thru out the day.. Here are some of our decorations around the house.Some of our decorations were my Grandparents and others were around our home growing up. Those are truly my favorite and I love bringing them out each year and telling the kids about them.  Do you have any special decorations ? I really wish some of you would come out of lurking…..