For Thanksgiving this year we traveled over state lines and thru vt to my Aunt and Uncles house. It is truly your picturesque place to have a holiday. The only bummer was it was warm so no snow flurries were present.The view is breathtaking I can only imagine how great it would be during fall foliage or snow covering everything.This is about half way down their driveway looking up. Check out that porch. The knitting, reading, or quilting that could be done there and in the summer half the hill is covered in wild flowers.The kids were so well-behaved that the John Deere Tractor got to come out after dinner. My camera isn’t found of dark light but you get the idea. To say truck boy was in heaven would be an understatement.There dog got some extra loving that day too. Speaking of which our little princess has found a new place to sleep.She likes where the cat naps and figured she could fit there too.Stella was also looking a little shaggy so a bath and haircut was in order.Yes you can say it she was U G L Y. Ahh that’s better. Ok since this is supposed to be a crafting blog, yesterday I had my annual quilt group holiday dinner and this year we decided to each make either a table runner or table topper/sm wall-hanging. Here’s what I came up with.No blog Deb was the lucky one who got to take this home. She said she loves it but if she changes her mind I would be more than happy to take it back from her. I was so unmotivated to tackle this project but once started I was so happy with how it came out. I got to bring no blog Deb’s table topper home and I can guarantee it will NOT be leaving my house anytime soon.Isn’t the quilting incredible? Now I just have to go to Jo-Anns to get some goodies to put inside the bowl. Speaking of goodies I also made these for the quilting ladies“Project Bags”Of course some holiday sweets made their way inside. I have not one but two one-armed sweaters that I was trying to finish to wear for Thanksgiving. One of them I ran out of yarn and the second one the store ran out. Well last night I found enough to finish the second one so stay tuned for some pics later in the week. I also have one holiday sock done for Princess and the second one cast on. Now if I could find a wrapping fairy to wrap all those gifts I would have more time for quilting and knitting. HMMMM Oh hubby?