Well another Birthday Year has come and gone. Monday the 26 I turned 34 yikes.. Well so far this year hasn’t been that great. Truck boy woke up Monday morning with a 103 fever so no special Birthday was to be had. Hubby and I are rescheduling for this coming Monday. Sooo Princess woke up Tuesday morning with a 102 fever, well today is now Friday and both have been home ALL week with fevers that just won’t go away. The Mommy Patience is long gone and the stress levels have reached some all time new levels. Thankfully tweeney hasn’t caught the sick germs. I think being out of the house for volleyball games and practices have kept her healthy. I can’t believe the two little one’s have missed a whole week of school. We have gotten there work daily and they are very good about doing it but wow my hat goes off to all you homeschoolers. I just don’t have the patience to do it. Of course with being sick we have been tied to the house and indoors since the weather hasn’t been great.. I hope they can still go trick or treating tomorrow. Truck boy hasn’t had a fever all day but princess is still having close to 100. To keep things productive we have watched many good movies, played games, built with legos, set up a tent, and of course knitting and quilting have been done to help Mama stay sane. Thank goodness my sewing room is in the family room and of course knitting is very portable. I leave you with some pics of my pair of socks finished for Socktoberfest, and a half a sock finished from my Rhinebeck purchases. I’m loving both types and can’t wait to finish the second tube sock.100_3885These socks remind me of the show Punky Brewster. Yes I just dated myself but they look like something she would wear. They are made with the mini mochi yarn by crystal palace color 107. I first didn’t really like working with this yarn becuase the spinning of it was not consistent BUT I do love how they feel when on. The true test will be how they wash.100_3886100_3887These remind me of Confetti The pattern is the spiral tube sock by a steam valley fiber farm. Yarn is from them too and the color way is rainbow. I wasnt’ sure how I was going to like not having a heel but the first sock seems to feel nice. I will be able to tell better once the second one is done.100_3888I can’t wait to see this top all done I’m loving it so far..100_3879Everyone joined into the daily naps.100_3880Stella is defiently enjoying being pampered.