Ok  I couldn’t wait I had to get somthing new out and 100_3878 play.. The Urban Aran is coming together nicely. It looks like I’m following the directions correctly and this is only the third sweater I’ve done and the directions are harder so all is good. I did spend three hours getting the yarn out of a knot yesterday which just about killed me since I kept thinking of how many more rows I could have had done but a certain puppy got a hold of it and that was all it took.  I also finished this hat100_3877Felicity done up in a lion brand yarn I think it’s a wool-ease.. pattern is a free download over at Ravelry.100_3876100_3874100_3873 I also wore this to Rav party at night so if anyone thinks it looks familiar it was probably moi.Truck boy wanted to do a photo shoot. Maybe he won’t be a “landscoper”  (landscaper) when he grows up. I finished this dishcloth100_3870Not sure if you can really see it but there’s is a moose worked into it, yarn is a sugar and creme. Hubby brought home a moose from hunting last week so while he was away I made this. Off to do some more rows on my aran and than log in some quilting time since poor “Jan” has been very neglecated.