Well I wanted to show some pics of our fall so far but my pics have disappeared. I downloaded them in a hurry and now there gone. Bummer since I had some great pics of the kids apple picking, all of our yummy applesauce, apple bread, and apple pies, we have made. Damn that makes me so mad. On the bright side my Rhinebeck pics are thankfully still there.I was so busy shopping that I didn’t take many pics but here’sĀ  my stash from day one.100_3854100_3855100_3856I also drooled a little over this awesome sweater I kept seeing. I saw four different ones and finally at the rav party at night I got the guts to ask if I could take a pic of one.100_3858Click on pic to see the detail. I have already downloaded the pattern which is Syliva by twist collective. I love her hat to but didn’t think to ask what pattern that was since I was in such awe of her sweater. I also bought a pattern to make a zip up sweater I fell in love with at the Briar Rose booth and have decided to do that up in blue yarn that I bought from them as well. I love the Briar Rose yarns and next year will get to there booth right after the str booth.Here’s the pic.100_3859100_3860Next is day two’s findings..100_3861I am still on such a high. I did finish something I bought over the weekend…100_3866Isn’t it cute? I’m thinking of changing the sock for differnt times of year.. Next up maybe a candy cane look. After all one of the str yarns that came home in my basket are going to have to be Christmas socks maybe anklet length..I also cast on this100_3867Yes those are my new needles too. I feel like a kid at Christmas who doesn’t know what to play with first. I think after I finish the sock maybe even before I start the second one I have to cast on for a sweater to wear on Thanksgiving. I’m between the vest pattern I picked up from str, the zippered cardi from briar rose, or the pea coat not pic that I downloaded from twist collective.. Anyone want to vote I would love to have some help in making this decision. We will be going to VT this year to Aunt and Uncles house which is the pic perfect place to have a holiday, I also see a driveby of the house we want not far from there. I was hoping we would be living there by Thanksgiving but not looking promising at this point maybe by Christmas. I hope next year to take more pics.. No blog Deb and I had a FANTASTIC time even though we had the rude waitress at the diner across from our hotel at 10:30pm after the rav party, and no she hadn’t been working that long her shift had just started. Oh and one of us had maybe a teensy weensy little bit to much wine which will not be allowed next year unless water is consumer right after..Enjoy all your craftiness and if you went to Rhinebeck let me know what you are working on.. Until next time, knit/quilt on….