The first day of school…100_3750has come and gone.. Everyone is enjoying the routine again and loving there classes. Tweeny is even doing volleyball which consits of two hours worth of practice 5 days a week. Of course the 8am on Sat is one I could do without but it gets me up and out early and if I’m lucky I may return to a house of two still sleepy children. I’m slowly getting back into my routine and of course am enjoying my weekly social knitting, and have already gone to lunch with a friend. The bummer part is I had a nasty sinus infection which still has me feeling a little crappy and of course on top of that I had to put brakes on my car.ugh. So  hopefully this week we won’t have any unexpected things pop up.  I have many sewing plans for this week. I have managed to finish one sock..100_3756 but put the second one aside so I could work on this..100_3757hmm wonder what it could be? Something for Rhinebeck maybe? Another one of our neighbors had a little girl so she will be getting this..100_3754100_3755She has had a little bit of a rough start so hopefully the “Watchful Fairies” will look over her. My Summer Swap Quilt arrived the other day which was  a perfect pick me up when I was feeling poorly..100_3752100_3753Check out the quilting this is so much nicer in person and I already found a spot for it. The very talented Jessica made this and she also included these fantastic cards…100_3759My next quilt is already started and is using these..100_3758I’m so glad to be back in the swing of things how about you anyone else up to anything exciting now that school has started again?